Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards

  • Question: What is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards?
    Answer: The Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards is our rewards program that will let you earn points towards more rewards. You earn 5 points for every $1 you spend at Grimaldi’s (dine-in and takeout), and you will earn a $10 reward every time you reach 1000 points.
    Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards is available to be used at all Grimaldi’s locations (not including locations in NY, NJ or CT, except 1 Front Street, Brooklyn). You can register online at
  • Question: Does my account transfer from being a VIP Club member to new Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards?
    Answer: Yes, it does! And don’t worry, if you received a birthday pizza in the month of December or have rewards in your current VIP Club account, they will transfer to your new account once you login online.
  • Question: Will I still get a free pizza for my birthday?
    Answer: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards program will continue to offer a free birthday pizza for dine-in and takeout, Monday – Thursday, only as a benefit for active members. Members are considered active if they have provided their member ID number when placing an order at Grimaldi’s between the launch of the Grimaldi’s Rewards program on 12/14/2020 and the last day of the month prior to their birthday month. We know this won’t be difficult for any of our fans, and we want to reward you for that! However, we can no longer continue to offer free birthday pizzas for all.
  • Question: When does my birthday reward arrive?
    Answer: Birthday rewards are activated on the first of your birthday month. If you sign up on the month of your birthday, you will receive a reward on the first of the next month if you make a purchase at our restaurant using your Member ID number prior to the first of your birthday month. Please note, you only need your Member ID to redeem your reward and no longer need a coupon to do so.
  • Question: Do I get any rewards for signing up?
    Answer: Yes, you will receive a free appetizer when you sign up. Please note, you must be a new member and not part of our previous VIP club to receive the offer.
  • Question: How do I get points for my purchases?
    Answer: You earn points for your purchases when ordering online, dining-in or picking up to-go by giving your Member ID to your server, to-go host or bartender. You can earn points on one transaction per calendar day and up to $100/500 points per day. We recommend letting our staff know that you are a rewards member right away. However, you cannot earn points through any third-party delivery companies or purchases of Grimaldi’s gift cards.
  • Question: What if I forget to provide my Member ID number, how do I receive points?
    Answer: In order to receive points, you must send an email to with your first and last name, your member ID number, and a clear photo of your receipt and you’ll receive your points within 48 hours.
  • Question: How do I redeem a reward?
    Answer: You can redeem your rewards when dining-in by giving your Member ID number to your server. You can also redeem your reward on online orders when logging in and ordering through Please note, you do not need to use your points to redeem rewards.
  • Question: Do my rewards or points ever expire?
    Answer: Your points do not expire.
    The free starter when you join the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards is valid for 30 days.
    When you reach 1,000 points and earn a $10 reward, the $10 reward is valid for 90 days.
    Free birthday pizzas are valid for the entire month of your birthday.
    All other offers are valid during the period listed on the offer.
  • Question: Can I put Family Members under my account?
    No, you are allowed one member per email address. You may share your account number with your family, but all the rewards will be under one account, including only one free birthday pizza per year.
  • Q: My birth year says 1904 and I can’t change it. Will this affect my rewards?                                                                                    A: You birth year does not impact your rewards at all.  You will still receive your birthday pizza as well, as long as you’ve made one purchase using your member ID number or phone number to earn points in the 11 months prior to your birthday month.  The reason your birth year says 1904 is because you’re a legacy member of our club!  All members who started out as eVIP’s and migrated to Grimaldi’s Rewards were assigned the birth year 1904. So thank you for being one of the O.G.’s of our rewards program!
  • Miscellaneous Information 
  • We may discontinue our Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards program at any time in our sole discretion with no liability to you.  If we do so, we’ll publish a notice on our website and/or email you to let you know. If you do not use your Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards account to earn or redeem points for 12 consecutive months, or if we believe that you have engaged in fraudulent or unlawful activity or failed to comply with these terms and conditions. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria reserves the right to terminate your membership in the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Rewards Program.

Online Ordering

    • Question: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria online ordering looks different, did something change?
      Answer: Yes, something did change! We have upgraded our online ordering platform and it will make ordering for takeout from Grimaldi’s easier than ever!
    • Question: I had an online ordering account on the old ordering site, will my information transfer to your new site?
      Answer: Unfortunately, your old online ordering account credentials won’t transfer over to our new platform. The good news is that now you will be able to use the same login for your loyalty account – which makes placing orders online and accessing your loyalty account easier!
    • Question: How will I get my points when I order online?
      Answer: If you are logged into your loyalty account, you will automatically receive points for your purchase.
    • Question: Can I use my rewards for online orders?
      Answer: Yes, just apply them to your order prior to checking out.
    • Question: Can I use my birthday pizza reward for online orders?
      Yes, just apply the reward to your order prior to checking out. The offer is valid for (1) 16” Traditional Cheese Pizza per basket, toppings are available at an additional cost.
    • Question: Can I use my gift cards or bonus cards for online orders?
      Answer: Gift cards and Bonus cards cannot be redeemed online or for delivery. Please place your order through calling the restaurant if you’d like to use your gift or bonus cards.